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First time to St John's? What can you expect:

For anyone attending at St John the Evangelist Church in Farnworth for the first time, you can be assured of a warm welcome.

The first people you are likely to meet as you walk through the doors will be the Sidespeople who will greet you and answer any questions you may have. They will also hand you the hymn book, order of service and pew sheet, which is a sheet which has the bible readings for that day, along with any notices of forthcoming events.

It can be quite daunting walking into the church for the first time so please do not be afraid to ask if you would like to be seated with someone from the church who can assist you during the service. Please mention this to the Sidespeople who will introduce you to someone and ensure that you are comfortable.

After the service, which starts at 10am, the congregation meet together at the back of church for coffee, tea and biscuits and this is an excellent opportunity for you to meet other members of the congregation.

Due to Church Street being a residential street, there is very little parking space available, however, vehicles can be parked in St John’s Primary School yard in Church Road, which runs parallel to Church Street and entrance to the church grounds is via the lych gate directly across the road from the school.

For further information on any of Our Services, contact:

Revd. Carol Pharaoh
The Rectory
55 Church Street

01204 572819.
or email


A vibrant community, the Parish organises many activities in addition to the regular services.

See our pages below

The following groups meet in Church


Alternate Wednesdays

The following meet at St John's School

Thurs 6.30pm

Mon 6.30pm

Mon 6.30pm

Wed 5.45pm

Tues 7.00pm

Wed 7.30pm

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