Retreat 2019

It was that time of year again when our team comes together to join in fellowship and worship at Foxhill.

We had a guest speaker Donna Worthington who was empowering in her worship and inspirational. The theme was the Trinity and the two stories studied were the miraculous catch of the fish and the wedding at Canaan.

Donna encouraged us to clear our minds before praying so that we could focus on our prayers. She had us concentrate on one of the jars that she had on display and then go and find a quiet space to pray like Saint Ignatious did. Some people thought that this was very helpful, whilst others thought that it was a little too deep.

Retreats are not only about study and worship but are also about friendship and relaxation. We all enjoyed our time at Foxhill.

I particularly enjoyed how the three ALMs from the team lead some of the services and other friends did some of the readings.

Thank you once again to Malcolm for all of the hard work that he does to organise these successful retreats and all of the other trips too.

Jackie Powell (July 2019)

2017 Foxhill Team Retreat


Music at St. John's

St. John's encourages the use of our Church for a diverse range of activities. See below for examples of our Church being used as a venue for such events asgigs, concerts and recitals.

The band, Some Kind of Illness, gig to a packed house over the Christmas period

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