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The church is open each Friday at 4 pm to meet to say Evening Prayer together. We would love to see you there if you can come. I strongly believe that prayer changes things and this time together will bring enormous benefits to us and to others.


Social Committee News

The social committee would like to welcome you all to the following forthcoming events at St John’s.

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Parish Report

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A MEMORIAL to the 43 boys and men who died in Kearsley's worst mining disaster will be unveiled near to the site of the colliery next month.

A replica coal tub will be placed on land off Manchester Road in tribute to those who lost their lives in the Unity Brook Colliery tragedy on March 12, 1878.

A planning application to site the memorial has been submitted and it is hoped it will be approved in time for an unveiling ceremony on June 17 at 1pm.

Poignantly the coal tub will bear the image of a pocket watch clock face showing the time as 1.07pm — the time the explosion ripped through the pit.

Earlier this year, a special service of remembrance was held at St Stephen's Church in Kearsley remembering those who died on the 140th anniversary of the disaster.

A replica coal tub made by Astley Green Colliery Museum will be placed on the site along with a plaque highlighting its significance.

Stephen Tonge, community officer for Churches on the Mount, who helped to organise the church service and now the memorial, said: "Every town or village has some interesting history especially industrial history. So it’s important to bring the story of Kearsley to the fore. It represents recognition that the place we live made valuable contributions to the workplace and it was a very important part of the industrial revolution. It means the people in our community can be proud that Kearsley was held in high regard locally and nationally."

Details of the ceremony are being finalised but it will start at 1pm and it hoped to unveil the tribute at 1.07pm.

It is also hoped that local folk singer Chris Ward with his group Travelling Strings will perform the song he has produced to the words of the poem "Terrible loss of life in a Coal Mine".

Bernie Lomax, a descendant of victim John Tickle Lomax, will also be there. A short service will be led by Rev Kim Lafferty, Vicar of St Stephens and a local piper, Darren Green, will play a lament.

Proceeds from Mr Ward's song will go to funding and the upkeep of the memorial.

Mr Tonge said: "Many local people have offered their skills in laying foundations and preparing the land at the proposed site.

"One of our volunteers is local historian Simon Colley and he is putting the finishing touches together to a book on the history of Kearsley."

Mr Colley spoke about the tragedy at the special church service in March.

He said: "I hope when we see the memorial it reminds us of the men and boys who never returned from workthat day, and of the lives of all the Kearsley miners who lived without the luxuries we take for granted.

"And, just to make enough money to survive and keep food on the table, they had to go down dangerous deep dark holes in the ground, and that we might be just little bit thankful that we don't have to."

Bolton News Article 19 May 2018

All Saints Easter Service

On Wednesday 28thMarch, the whole school went to church for our Easter service.  This was the first time that we have held this service in church, and we were delighted that some of our families joined us.  Year 2 led the service and very clearly acted out the events of Holy Week.  The narrators and actors were clear, and played their parts with gusto!  The whole school joined in with some of our favourite Easter hymns, including ‘Lord of the Dance’ and our newly learned worship song ‘This is the day.’

We all really enjoyed celebrating this special time of the year in church and thank Vicar Carol and the church community for allowing us to come.

Katie Hague

Head teacher 

Hibbah Salamut (Year 2) recalls her Easter visit to St John’s

On Wednesday in Holy Week Year 2 from All Saints School went to St. John’s Church to perform our Easter assembly. I was one of the disciples. At the start, Jesus and some disciples walked down the aisle. Everyone sang we have a King who rides a donkey. Two guards put Jesus on a cross to die. But he came back to life again. We all cheered when Mary said He’s alive! Jesus rose up to heaven. Year 2 were really nervous when we spoke in Church but we enjoyed doing the special assembly.

The following prayer was read by Jessica and Hibbah

God made you and God made me,
He made the world for us to see.
God loves you and long ago,
He sent his Son to tell us so.
Jesus showed us many things,
To love and share and dance and sing.
To learn and pray, to help and care,
He promised he'd always be there.
He died but then came back to life,
Let's celebrate for he's alive!


All Saints CE Primary School Year 3’s Easter Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for going into the desert and giving us the opportunity to think about how you felt and giving us the chance to be better children by completing our Lent challenges. Thank you for dying on the cross so that we could have a better world.
We thank you for all the wonderful things you have given us, like; our families, friends, animals, the beautiful seasons and food and water.
Help us to be kinder in our friendships and to other people. Help us to care and look out for each other and help us to say kind, thoughtful words to one another.
We now know all about Easter and how special it is,

Children from six schools record their own CD with Zac's Youth Bar

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St John’s Welcomes Brian and Sheila Hartley

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