War Memorials

The St John's War Memorials

Please click on the text below the picture to download the full documentation as a word document. Thankyou to Mr Arnold Cragg for this documentation.

All Saints Primary School were contacted this Spring by a lady called Margaret who had ended up with the war memorials from the old All Saints church.  She had been doing a local history research project and no longer needed them.  Bolton museum didn’t want them either and so suggested that she contacted us at the school.  We were delighted and said we’d be honoured to have them.  They are now displayed in our entrance hall and Margaret also gave us a file of information on the people listed.  Having this important piece of our local history, and another link to our church, makes us feel very blessed.  If any of the congregation recognise any of the names and would like to come to the school and have a look at the memorials and/ or the information file then you’d be very welcome.  Just contact Katie Hague at the school on 01204 333083.

Katie Hague, Headteacher

August 2017


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