If you are thinking about having your child christened, we would be very happy to hear from you.  It is good to acknowledge that all children are a gift to us from God and to think about the Christian journey of faith.  It is worth remembering that baptism is a serious commitment.  We are here to help you think about whether baptism is the right thing for you and your child.

To have a child christened / baptised at St. John’s you must live within the parish boundaries or have a valid connection with the church.  If so please come along to parish surgery which is held most Tuesday evenings at 7pm in church.  Our surgery clerks, Colin and Alison, will give you some information about what baptism is all about and talk you though the process of what happens.  They will invite you to a Baptism Preparation Evening which will be held in church.  Parents, Grandparents and potential Godparents are all invited to attend one of these sessions but it would be better not to bring young children with you if you can avoid it. This is an informal get-together which takes the form of watching a DVD, followed by a short talk and a friendly question and answer session.

At the end of the Baptism Preparation Evening,  if you are happy with all we have told you about baptism, we will be happy to discuss with you a date for your child’s baptism and look forward to welcoming you and your family at church on that date.  We will then fill in a form with you.  If you are still unsure about baptism, the Vicar or another member of the church will be happy to talk with you further about your questions and concerns.

Should you feel that you are not ready or cannot make the promises asked of you at the Baptism Service, then it is possible for you to have an alternative “Service of Thanksgiving” for your child in church, at which all members of your family and friends could attend.  Please speak to someone at the session or the Vicar who will be happy to discuss this type of service with you.

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