When do we meet?    1st Thursday of the month
At what time?              7.30pm-9.00pm
Where?                        St Johns Church

Chair:                           Rev. Carol Pharaoh

 AGM    April 22nd




Jackie Powell                          Shaun Croston

Steven Mann                          Nigel McFarlane



PCC MEMBERS                       SIDESPEOPLE


Judith Birchall                        Graham Martin

Graham Martin                       Judith Birchall

Sandra Martin                         June Eatock

Dorothy McGlynn                    Stan Eatock

Kin McIntyre                          Peter Ingham

Rob McIntyre                          Michelle Winter

Carole Morgan                        Sandra Martin

Keith Morgan                          Stella Gee  

                                             Carole Morgan

                                             Keith Morgan

                                             Sharon Goodwin

                                             Stephanie Buckley

                                            Hajar Jafarezadega

                                            Sajj Heidari

 The following are also ex-officio members of the PCC. 

Carol Pharaoh (chair)

Malcolm Wearing (Ordained Local Minister)

Phillip Castle (Associate Priest)

Dorothy Needham (Church Army Evangelist)

Steven Mann  (Church Warden)

Alison Mole (Deanery Synod Rep)

Sharon Goodwin (Deanery Synod Rep)

Jackie Powell (Deanery Synod Rep)

Stephanie Buckley (Deanery Synod Rep)

Chair's Reports

Annual Report for 2017

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