Karsten Leaves


Karsten's last service was a Team service at St. Stephens on Sunday 25th October. As a leaving gift from the Farnworth, Kearsley & Stoneclough Team he was presented with the stole pictured below.

The stole design is based on the passage from Isaiah chapter 11 and features a kingfisher.  Karsten chose this image to remind him of our team as the River Irwell links all our 3 parishes.  The renewal and regeneration of the river Irwell has brought kingfishers back to the river banks and there is a 'king fisher trail' walk.  Karsten has seen kingfishers whilst walking his dogs there. 

Below the picture is his goodbye letter.


Dear friends,

After almost two years it's time for me to leave for pastures new in lovely Cornwall. Determined to stay up in the North, God set me off a different path and circled West Cornwall on a map for me. He seems to have this habit of messing up the plans we make for ourselves, doesn't he?

So where will this path lead me? I'm taking on a newly formed group of four churches along the coast just before Land's End (St Just with Sancreed and Pendeen with Morvah). When I was at college I was on placement in the neighbouring parish, so I know the area a bit already. It's a stunningly beautiful part of the country which is very popular with tourists. Within my patch the coastal path takes you past Cape Cornwall and a former tin mine that is a museum these days, but there are also lots of art galleries, potteries, nice cafes and restaurants.

I will minister to quite a mix of people: those who are deprived and those who are well-off incomers, then there are the artists, surfers and pagans and I've been told that traditionally people with a shady past tend to withdraw to Cornwall.  On top of all that are, of course, the tourists from all over the world traveling through. I'm sure it won't get boring!

So, all there remains to say for me is THANK YOU for all your support, generosity and patience that I'm sure will have prepared me well for what lies ahead. If you ever happen to be in the area (St Michael's Mount, Mousehole and Sennen Cove are well worth a visit), please, pop in and say hello. I'm living in the big, white vicarage along the main road in Pendeen.

All the best to you, God bless, Karsten

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