When do we meet?    After the family service
At what time?              11.30 am
Where?                        St Johns Church

Chair:                           TBA

 Next Meeting    TBA

The number of children attending our church and sunday school has been steadily rising. With this increasing number of children, it feels appropriate to offer them an opportunity to take a greater part in Church life.

We are looking for children to form a Junior PCC. This will give the younger members of our congregation an opportunity to put their ideas forward for activities and events. They will also be able to comment  on our regular church activities and events.

The Junior PCC meeting will be held on the 2nd Sunday of each month, after the Family Service. The group will be supervised by one or more members of the PCC, who will be there to offer guidance if asked. The group will be responsible for organising their own officials, and for inviting guests, such as clergy or PCC members, to attend their meetings. They will also have the opportunity to send members to PCC meetings to report on their activities.

Participation in the Junior PCC is open to anyone between the ages of 10 and 17. This would be an ideal opportunity for those young adults that would like to become members of the full PCC when they become eligible. 

Those wishing to join this exciting new activity should contact Vicar Carol, Sharon Goodwin, Steve Mann, Sandra Martin or Alison Mole.

The first three volunteers Lyra Goodwin, Melissa Jonak and David McGlynn are shown in the picture below.


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