Parish Letter – October 2022

I have a bad Joke … forgive me. A man, late one night, ‘was a little bit worse for wear’. Losing his way he found himself at the bank of a reservoir. There he caught site of a very Holy looking man, just a few feet out standing in the water. He went out to join him.

The Holy man said ‘do you want to find Jesus’ the old man replied ‘sure, why not’. 

The Holy man splashed the old man’s face with water and said clearly ‘did you find Jesus?’

‘No’ the old man replied ‘I didn’t find Jesus.

Not being one to give up, this time the Holy man pushed the old man’s face under the water and bringing him back up he said again ‘did you find Jesus?’

‘No’ he sputtered, ‘I didn’t find Jesus.’

This time the Holy man held him under the water for 10 seconds and bringing him back to the surface coughing and spluttering he asked him one last time, ‘did you find Jesus?’

‘No’ the old man spluttered, ‘are you sure this is where he fell in?’

It is true some people find Jesus every day, some once a week on a Sunday, some through acts of kindness, some only sparing Jesus a thought at times of great joy or sadness in their lives. Some never spare a thought for our creator. Wherever we are in this mix of people, wherever our thoughts are, know that Gods thoughts are always with us! He shapes us, teaches us and above all loves us, completely and unconditionally. 

During this busy period then it is important that we do spare time for God. To thank God for the Harvest he has provided us, be that for food, water, shelter or simply the will to carry on in difficult times, we must thank God. 

And as we look towards Remembrance Day, so too, must we give thanks to God for the ultimate sacrifice some made that we might have freedom today. And not least for the opportunity to ‘remember’ that we may never face a challenge like wars past again.

It’s hard sometimes, I know, particularly when life is busy, but tonight put aside 5 minutes to pray. Thank God for all his Blessings, Love God and know with utmost sincerity he is with us always.

With every Blessing,

Fr Stephen