Alison’s Thoughts and Poem

I have been thinking this week about the disciple Thomas – most often known as doubting Thomas because he did not believe that the other disciples had seen Jesus following his crucifixion on the cross.

He had not been present in the upper room when Jesus had appeared. He only believed it for himself when he saw the holes in Jesus’s hands and sides pierced by the nails that had held him on the cross. 

What does that mean for us?  Will we only truly believe when we get to meet Jesus? Or, does our faith give us all that we need to truly believe? 

Doubting can and questioning can only lead to a stronger Faith and belief in what we cannot see but what we can feel, I think. 

We have a lot of resources available to strengthen our Faith such as coming to church to worship, sing and prayer amongst fellow Christians. Reading the Bible and attending bible study. We need to continually build on the foundations of our faith so that we all unconditionally believe.  

Anybody that comes to church will know that I like to share a poem each Sunday morning. At very short notice to do this report I have found the following poem 

The Word of God

When you are down and feeling blue

Ask, and it shall be given to you

When there are troubles on your mind

God says to seek, and you shall find


Knock and His doors will open within

As our God will wash away your sin

For you will receive if to God you ask

And if you seek, you shall find your task


God is love and love God is

With much happiness and bliss

His love is real and forever more

Knock and God will open the door


How I know, thus what I say

Reading the Bible as I pray

And onward living as I go

The word of God has told me so.


Some of the above words are very familiar as I am sure you will recognise – from the hymns we sing regularly in church – Seek ye first, God is Love to name but two.

So keep on singing, praying, worshipping and most of all – Believing 


Alison – ALM