BIG QUESTIONS #006 – What is the Holy Trinity?

Read John 5: 17-30 to get started …

Image result for holy trinity free imageIn this Holy Gospel we hear of Jesus’s authority, given by the Father. Jesus is human, but he is also Divine, he is God. For some of the Jewish community of the time he was a new way of looking at God. In time the world would come to know the Holy Spirit, it too is Divine, it is God. 

In those three Divine revelations we see God in three ways and yet we see one God.

It’s not that we are invited to experience God from three different angles. If we did that with a candle we could simply describe it in three ways, smoke, light and heat.  

If we applied the same method to observing God; Father Son and Holy Spirit, we would see the same God, the same Power, the same Love, the same commandments and the same mission, present in each revelation. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

That can be a tough thing to appreciate, but its important we do.

For if we read this Gospel with an appreciation that God has given of himself for us, wholly, and completely revealed in this Blessed Trinity. We can truly begin to be thankful of his Love for us and truly recognise that he has a plan for us and did before the creation of the Universe, and that he will save us, because God, the whole of God, loves us completely.

And in the context of that, our present troubles, trials and pains become not less significant, but rather a shared experience, shared with God.

Trust in God, seek his will and his will alone; he’s always been there for you, the whole of him, and he always will.

Revd. Stephen

Further Reading

1 Corinthians 8:6 / 2 Corinthians 3:17 / 2 Corinthians 13:14 / Isaiah 9:6 / John 14:16-17