BIG QUESTIONS #03 - What is Mission?

Read Acts 3.12-19 to get started

In Acts 3.12-19 Peter heals someone in Jesus’s name, rebukes the people and then asks them to repent.


This reading marks the first time since Jesus’s passing that one of the disciples calls for a miracle in Jesus’s name; a disciple prays, and a man walks.

It marks the beginning of the message to proclaim the Good News, which from this point was proclaimed by Jesus’s disciples loud and clear. It is a MISSION we share as Jesus’s disciples in this age. That means you!

We do this in thought, Word and deed. Through what we think, say and do. By living as Jesus Christ has taught us we proclaim the Good News.

So what is the Good News?

Jesus was resurrected to both prove his divinity and to complete his life-long work to reconcile Man with God. Since the fall of Adam, when he took that first bite of the Apple, whether you believe that to be a literal reference or not, humanity has suffered with Sin. Through Jesus’s life, his ministry, his death and critically his Resurrection we are taught a new way to live with God, a new way to think. We’re taught to Love God with all our hearts and to love our neighbours as ourselves. And in that new way of being we simply stop being a slave to sin. Our debts are cancelled by Jesus, he starts the human race anew, free to live in his light, if we chose too.

But whether we choose to live in that light or not, the deed is done, for us, not because of us, despite us and in spite of all of our sins. Jesus brings us to himself, born again.

And that is something we should share, THIS IS OUR MISSION. It’s what it means to be a Christian, in fact it means more than that, it’s what it means to be human.

Revd Stephen

Further Reading

John 11.25-26 / Luke 24 / 1 Cor 15 / John 15.16 / Luke 10.1-3