What’s your story?

Recently, I had the privilege of traveling to Finland with Susie Mapledoram (Diocese youth officer) and +Mark (who led the confirmation service at St John’s recently) to help lead a confirmation camp for English and Finnish young people.

During the course of the week, as well as all of the fun and friendship building, Susie,  +Mark and myself took it in turns to lead reflections, prayers, Bible studies and activities to engage the young people in what it looks like to be a Christian, looking at different subjects such as The Bible, Church, Jesus, death and suffering etc.


Before we left England, I was thinking and praying about what to do during my sessions. As I’d never met these young people, I wasn’t really sure where they were at in terms of their life/church experience. However, as I prayed, I had the impression that I should leave plenty of space to just share my stories of faith, the things that I have experienced in my own life as a follower of Jesus.

It’s so simple, but so true…Jesus told stories of what the Kingdom of God looks like, and then the disciples were basically story tellers to Jesus’ death and resurrection: “Jesus said this would happen, and then we saw it with our own eyes.”


I’m convinced if another generation is going to follow Jesus, then church attendance isn’t going to do…it never has been sufficient-but instead we who follow Jesus, need a story to pass on to others. We can’t rely on reading the Bible and that being it, a lot of the New Testament is eye witness accounts of what God was doing. We need to have our own stories of what God has done in our lives to pass on. As we live our lives, trusting in Christ for all things concerning our years on earth, family, friends, work situation, hopes and dreams, the wider world, we will collect buckets of stories of how God showed his faithful love towards us. I’ll finish with the below passage and I would encourage each of us to have a think back and to start writing down our experiences of God’s working in our lives.


We will not hide these truths from our children;
    we will tell the next generation
about the glorious deeds of the Lord,
    about his power and his mighty wonders. (Psalm 78:4)


Here’s to telling our God story to the world!


Paul Saxon, St John’s School Project Worker